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  • Boveda for Large Instrument Starter Pack

    Boveda for Large Instrument Starter Pack


    Don't store your instrument without Boveda There's a specific geometry built into your instrument. Precision crafted in a climate-controlled shop. An artisan used intense heat, moisture and pressure to bend wood to shape your instrument. Now the care...

  • 15010 Bassoon Stand

    15010 Bassoon Stand


    The bassoon stand is now available in a newly improved design 150/1. The large rubber coated support cup guarantees stability. The newly designed support bracket can be adjusted in tilt and width. The support bracket adjusts to the individual instrument...

  • 15045 Contrabassoon Stand

    15045 Contrabassoon Stand


    The reworked stand is now even more stable and robust. The stable metal support bracket holds the instrument securely and comfortably. The large soft felt instrument support protects the precious surface of the contrabassoon. The large rubber coated...