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  • Revelle Model 600 Violin

    Revelle Model 600 Violin


    The 600 is handcrafted by master makers using premium spruce and select grade maple. It is 100% sound adjusted in the U.S. for optimum performance and has responsible playability and complex tone. Responsive playability, older and finer maple/spruce,...

  • Revelle Model 500 Violin

    Revelle Model 500 Violin


    Ideal step-up instrument, reliable and consistent performance. Subtle and powerful sound thanks to the fine European wood. For the advancing violinist. Carefully seasoned European select maple and spruce, aged tonewoods and a rich powerful tone makes...

  • Revelle Model 500QX Violin

    Revelle Model 500QX Violin


    Fine European wood and varnish improving performance and sound refinement. Ideal for the budding performer. The superior refined and powerful Revelle 500QX is ideal for the advancing student performer or adult amateur. An elegantly performing...

  • Revelle Model 300 Violin

    Revelle Model 300 Violin


    Perfect for the advancing student looking for an excellent quality and dependable step-up instrument at an affordable price. Available 4/4, 3/4, 1/2 size.