FAQ’s Magic Rosin

What are the ingredients in Magic Rosin?

Magic RosinTM is formulated with only premium grade pure pine resins. It is heated, blended, and poured.

Why is Magic Rosin clear?

Our formulas are purified and processed, resulting in a clear, transparent color. This allows the design paper (placed underneath each rosin) to really pop!

What are the dimensions of a Magic Rosin? How big is it?

The rosin cake is approximately 1.5" in diameter and .3" tall.

What is the difference between the 3G and Ultra formulas?

Magic Rosin currently comes in two formulas: 3G and Ultra. They are both considered "grippy" rosins, but the Ultra is even grippier than the 3G. Both provide a great deal of stiction and resistance while allowing for a clean, complex tone.

Can I request designs for Seconds or Maker's Surprise?

You will not be able to choose your design(s) when you order Seconds ("Blems") or Maker's Surprise, but you will get our absolute lowest price! You are welcome to make general requests (i.e. "No Flowers!") in the "Order Note" field during checkout, but please know in advance that we often cannot satisfy them. Please also understand that we cannot confirm which design(s) you'll receive before or after your order has been picked & shipped.

What are your image requirements for custom rosins?

We recommend a minimum resolution of 200 dpi and a minimum size of 350 x 350 pixels for a print quality rosin. Images must be in a round or proportional square shape. We accept .jpg, .png, .tiff, and .pdf formats. The higher the resolution, the better your image's quality. Below 200 dpi - your image will not be attractive. Remember that you want to take advantage of the magnifying effect of the rosin. Please send us high-resolution images only! You may only submit photos for which you have full rights, whether you own the copyright or have a license. You assume all responsibility and liability for any images you send us.

How long do custom rosins take?

Custom rosins take approximately 1-2 weeks to produce and are shipped as soon thereafter as possible.

I want to order more than 5 custom rosins. How can I do that?

Please contact us at info@magicrosin.com for more information about volume orders.

Won't the design become blurry with use?

Yes, unfortunately, the design will become blurry eventually. But the good news is you can refresh your Magic Rosin design image anytime you'd like. Just lightly swipe a common alcohol wipe (from the drugstore) over the top of the rosin and let it dry completely before touching it (a minute or two). This will refresh the design image.

What kind of discounts do you offer?

For teachers, schools, and all larger orders, please contact us for information on our discounts. Many of our teacher friends give Magic Rosin to their students for recital gifts and incentives, and end-of-the year gifts. We'd like to continue to make that possible. Our primary focus is to bring great rosin to all kinds of string players. If you'd like more information on discounts for larger orders, please contact us.

What If My Rosin Arrives Cracked?

Although we take extra measures to protect them from the cold when shipping, rosin has the possibility of cracking under extreme cold temperatures. In the unfortunate event your rosin does arrived cracked, we will replace it immediately. Just send a photo of the cracked rosin and your information to: info@magicrosin.com

FAQ’s Thomastik-Infeld

How can I choose the best strings for my instrument?

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional player you can visit Thomastik-Infeld’s String Finder here https://www.thomastik-infeld.com/en/stringfinder to help discover which strings are best suited to your individual needs.

Where are Thomastik-Infeld Strings Made?

Music strings of the highest quality – this is both the incentive and obligation of Thomastik-Infeld. Based in the heart of Vienna, we have been developing and producing strings with the vastest range of tone colors since 1919, for bowed, plucked and world music instruments.

You can find out a lot about strings and Thomastik-Infeld strings at Stringtelligence! Click here to visit this vast resource for all things strings: https://www.thomastik-infeld.com/en/stringtelligence

FAQ’s Revelle

What is the proper way of tightening and loosening my bow?

You should turn the screw of your bow to the right approximately 3-4 complete turns, or until the hair is approximately a finger's width away from the stick. Loosen it in the same fashion, about 3-4 complete turns to the left.

How should I rosin my bow?

First, make sure your rosin, if new, is scratched up on top. If it isn't you can do this with an object like a key, or an untwisted paper clip. NOTE: Magic Rosin does NOT require scratching before use! When this is done, bow your rosin as you would your violin. You can use certain rhythms you are practicing to assist yourself. Make sure not to rosin too much, or you'll cover your instrument with dust. No more than 10 bow strokes should be necessary.

Where is a proper place to store my instrument and bow?

The best place is somewhere cool and dark, like a closet, as long as it is not too humid or too dry. If you would be comfortable in this place, your instrument would be comfortable in this place.

Instrument Case Warranty

Revelle will cover defects in workmanship and materials on instrument cases to the original owner (documentation of proof of purchase required). We will repair or replace at our discretion any instrument case or part thereof which is found by us to be defective. This warranty does not include the parts subject to normal wear and tear. Usage — related scuffs, scratches, or tears to any part of the case are considered part of normal wear and are not covered under this warranty. This warranty does not cover damage caused by improper use, accident, solvents, product modification, or by repairs.