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Magic Rosin

Magic Rosin® is a premium quality, professional-grade rosin that provides excellent grip and delivers a clear, complex tone. It is used by string players of all ages and ability, from soloists to students.

Simply Unique
Our special recipe uses only premium, purified pine resins. We avoid additives like oils, waxes, dyes, or metal fillings that are commonly used by rosin manufacturers.

Clearly Superior
Our production process yields rosin with a clear, glass-like appearance. We place designs underneath that transform each piece into a beautiful music-making tool with personality!

Customized for You
Magic Rosin is available in dozens of original designs or it can be customized with photos, logos, or artwork of your own. Players can choose from two formulas - 3G or Ultra:

  • 3G is a grippy rosin designed for violin and viola.
  • Ultra is grippier than 3G. We recommend it for cellists, bassists, or any advanced string player seeking more grip and "pop".
If you're unsure which formula to try, we suggest starting with 3G - string players tell us that it has more grip than most "light" (and even some "dark") rosins that are widely used.

Less is More!
Because Magic Rosin has such excellent grip, you don’t need to use very much - 2-3 swipes across the entire bow is enough for most players. It also adheres to bow hair longer than most rosin - many players find they do not need to re-apply every time they practice.


The Magic Rosin company was founded in Minneapolis, MN in 2010 by Sarah West, a Juilliard-trained, professional cellist. Sarah hand-poured all Magic Rosin in her kitchen until spring of 2012 before moving to a small workshop in NE Minneapolis. In 2016 Sarah entrusted the Magic Rosin company to Connolly Music, a family business that specializes in the marketing and distribution of bowed strings and accessories. The rosin is now produced and shipped from East Northport, NY and guaranteed fresh, most likely poured the same week that an order comes in.

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