Our strings are made with a steel core based string which is wound with thin threads of pure or alloyed metal. We are meticulous in the crafting of our strings.  The production is state-of-the-art, but still upholds the handcrafted quality in the process. At Jargar we interpret the classic craft with modern skill; from the winding to the polishing of our strings. Jargar proudly asserts our production as being old-fashioned in the modern way.

Classical musicians worldwide choose Jargar strings for their warm and brilliant tone and powerful, projective sound.  

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The Danish cellist Jarl Hansen, a member of the prestigious Royal Danish Orchestra, wanted more from his instrument.  After years of extensive experimentation, founded Jargar Strings in 1956.  The Powerful Sound was born!

Hansen's handmade strings, using a steel core with ribbon-like windings of pure or alloyed metal, created a warm and brilliant tone.  They were uniquely responsive, powerful, stable, and long lasting.

Jargar Strings with their legendary powerful and projective sound remain highly popular and the strings of choice for classical musicians worldwide.

Jargar Strings are distributed by Connolly Music Company in the U.S.A. Please contace us today to learn more about these products.